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Patient specific
Craniofacial implants

Customized implants are made to perfectly match complicated skull anatomy. They allow restoring a range of bone structures due to their precise adaptation to the region of implantation.

Patient-specific solutions give the best response to the functional and aesthetic patients' needs. Custom made implants are mostly used in facial reconstruction, oncological, and plastic surgery.

In our offer, you can find also mesh implants, in which optimal pore size has a positive effect on bone ingrowth and better implant fixation. What’s more application of porous structure helps with reducing implant weight.

Optimization of screw placement during the design process allows to achieve good fixation and avoid the harm of other anatomical structures. For better outcomes, we propose to use it with patient-specific surgical guides. According to a clinical trial, the process of implantation with patient-specific surgical guides increases surgery and implant positioning accuracy.

Our patient-specific medical implants are made from one of the following materials: Titanium alloys, PMMA, PEEK, UHMWPE. This broad spectrum of long term implantable biomaterials allows the implant to reconstruct almost any osseous defects.


  • oncological & reconstructive surgery
  • post-traumatic defects and cavities after resection
  • cranioplasty
  • mandible reconstruction
  • maxilla reconstruction

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