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Only Patient-Specific Solutions

We offer patient-specific solutions for innovative surgery.
Using 3D preoperative planning software and 3D printing technology, we provide personalized implants, surgical guides and anatomical models.

We can help you to achieve better patient outcomes in more convenient way. Our personalized solutions benefit in restoring not only functionality but also aesthetics of treated area. Shorten operation time gain by custom approach is an advantage for surgeon, patient and hospital.

Customy Vision Software

Software for 3D visualization and modeling of medical images

Customy Vision Software

Customy Vision is professional visualization software created for surgeons, radiologists and bioengineers for convenient 3D printing of patients’ replicas and preoperative virtual surgery planning.

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Customy 3D Planner -
online platform for surgery planning

Customy 3D Planner

The platform is dedicated to medical professionals for virtual preoperative planning in cooperation with our engineers. The platform allows to:

  • manage all your clinical cases
  • upload CT scans
  • view virtual 3D patient's anatomy
  • define cutting planes
  • define screw holes
  • communication with our engineers

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Customy 3D Planner

RecoBox -
one solution for every case


Customy RecoBox is a custom-made, personalized reconstructive set designed and produced in the cooperation of biomedical engineers and surgeons for individual needs of the patient. RecoBox may consists of:

  • patient-specific implant
  • patient-specific guide
  • and patient-specific model

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