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Only Patient-Specific Solutions

We are Customy, an ISO 13485 certified MedTech company operating in the field of software as a medical device. We develop solutions that enable innovative surgical approaches tailored to individual patients.

Customy originated in the healthcare branch of craniofacial reconstructions and patient-specific implant manufacturing. We were designing and manufacturing patient-specific implants, surgical guides, and anatomical models for four years.

Customy Vision Software

Certified medical software for 3D visualization and processing of medical images

Customy Vision Software

Customy Vision is a medical software (SaMD) created for surgeons, radiologists and biomedical engineers for convenient processing of medical images from CT/MRI to 3D models, supporting 3D printing process and preoperative virtual surgery planning.

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Customy 3D Planner -
online platform for surgery planning

Customy 3D Planner

The platform is dedicated to medical professionals for virtual preoperative planning in cooperation with our engineers. The platform allows to:

  • manage all your clinical cases
  • upload CT scans
  • view virtual 3D patient's anatomy
  • define cutting planes
  • define screw holes
  • communication with our engineers

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Customy 3D Planner

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