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Patient specific
Craniofacial plates

Customized plates are designed for complex autograft reconstructions. It's a perfect solution, which allows restoring facial functions and aesthetics using the patient's bone.

The shape of custom-design bone plates is defined during preoperative planning, according to shape to patient's bone structures. 3D-printed anatomically shaped plates do not require (intraoperative) pre-bending. They can be used in cases of bone fixations, in particular for bones with complex or abnormal geometry.

A perfect match provides better plate fixation and proper bone union. No need for plate formation during surgery results in shorter surgery time, and excellent accuracy.
During the design process, we perform individual screw placement which allows avoiding nerves, blood vessels, or other structures damage.

For better outcomes, we propose to use it with surgical guides. Patient-specific solutions help to achieve better precision in transferring surgical plan to the real patient.


  • craniomaxillofacial ostheosynthesis
  • orthognatic surgery
  • bone grafts fixation
  • midface fractures and reconstructions
  • mandible fractures and reconstructions
  • orbital wall reconstructions

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