Ordering patient-specific products has been simplified to minimum and takes only several minutes. Every client receives free access to online 3D surgery planning system - Customy Planner. The system allows remote cooperation between surgeon and our engineers - from DICOM upload to final acceptance of personalized solution design.

The only thing you need to start planning surgical treatment with patient-specific products is a web browser.

The process flow

Sending CT/CBCT/MRI scans
1. Sending CT/CBCT/MRI scans

Every individual product is manufactured based on tomography scans which can be delivered to us in two ways:

Online - we encourage you to use our psPortal system for safety sending CT scans. Data transmission is encrypted and takes only a few minutes. The system also allows to fill up the order form. In case of using the system we guarantee the shortest production time. Before the first usage of the order management system, please contact us to create a free account.

By post - CT/CBCT/MRI scans are stored on CD/DVD. To place an order, please send us the disc with filled and signed order form.

3D Reconstruction + Product design + Project acceptance
2. 3D Reconstruction + Product design + Project acceptance

3D reconstruction process is multistage and time consuming. For reconstruction we use our own software to convert tomography scans into a 3D virtual patient model. The model serves as the base for individual implant and surgical guides design.

Production + Quality control
3. Production + Quality control

The production time of anatomical models and surgical guides is 1-2 days, whereas the production time of individual implant is 5-10 days and depends on the complexity of the implant.

Each element of manufactured product has embossed identification number, which prevents from being confused. Products are shipped in individual and marked package, what makes it easy to archive.

The patient-specific products with instructions are delivered withing 24 hours via courier. There is also a possibility to receive an order at our headquater.

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