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Customy RecoBox is a custom-made, personalized reconstructive set designed and produced in the cooperation of biomedical engineers and surgeons for individual needs of the patient. RecoBox may consists of patient-specific implant, patient-specific guide and patient-specific model.

Customy-made medical devices:

Customy-made implants

is a medical device designed and produced based on prescription for one particular patient. Personalized implants are made to perfectly match an individual's anatomy and achieve better functional and aesthetical objectives.

Craniofacial Implants Craniofacial Plates

Customy-made surgical guides

is a custom-made medical device designed and produced based on patient's CT scan. Guides are used for precise handlling of surgical instruments, implants, grafts and plates for osteosynthesis.

Craniofacial Surgical Guides

Customy-made anatomical models

is an anatomical model which is based on CT/CBCT/MRI scan and is produced during 3D printing process. Each patient-specific model reflects the real patient's anatomy and is used by surgeon for preoperative planning or surgical simulation.

Anatomical Models

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