Customy Vision software is an image segmentation system used for creating, analysing and modifying 3D models for medical purposes.
The software is intended to create 3D models from a series of medical images from a medical scanner such as a CT scanner or an MRI by using several methods of segmentation. Customy Vision exports these models in the STL file format that is commonly appearing in other applications and programs, dedicated to rapid prototyping, 3D printing and CAx programs.

The application has four main modules:

  • Data Processing,
  • Segmentation,
  • Registration
  • and Surgery Planning.

These modules are connected and users can work freely between them.


The start workspace window shows up after opening the application. Customy Vision main workspace is divided into four views: three 2D views (sagittal, coronal and axial) with a 3D view in the bottom right corner. Each 2D view possesses three parameters in the bottom right corner: Value (Hounsfield scale value of a pixel) and location of a cursor expressed in pixel and millimetre units. On the right of each 2D view, slices and contrast of the image series can be changed by moving the mouse up, down, left and right. 

Module Menu

At the top left corner of the Customy Vision window, few options have their places:

  • Undo and Redo,
  • Create a new project,
  • Load project,
  • Save the project and Save the project as

Below these icons is the main toolbar. The first icon on the left is a module menu of the application. It can be expanded by clicking on it to dropdown and show the rest of the main modules. Each one has its own, specific tools. If the user selects the module, its tools will appear on the side. Currently, the unavailable tool is greyed out. When a proper object will be added or selected the tool is becoming available to use.

Object Browser

Under the main toolbar, by default, its place has an object browser. It is a database of all objects in the project, which contains volumes with their respective masks and surfaces.

On the right side of each object is an icon of a light bulb. By clicking it, the visibility of an object can be turned on and off. At the bottom of the object browser window is an icon list of the most commonly used tools of the right-click menu list (that menu list is specific to each object type).

Right click on volume

Right click on surface masks

Right click on surface

Flat Shading

The one option that can be enigmatic is “flat shading” of the surface. With this the visual representation of the surface’s shading can be changed between flat shading (more faceted look) and default smooth shading (more realistic lighting of an object).

Combinations of Views

There are three combinations of views: only 2D view, only 3D view and 2D+3D view. 2D view and 2D+3D view have some combinations to choose of how every view will be placed in the workspace.

License Information

Above the view menu, details about an account and a program can be found, alongside with log out from the user’s account.

3D View’s tools

At the bottom of the 3D view their place have several tools:

  • Reset camera – brings back the camera to the centre point of a surface with little zoom out,
  •  Model representation – (surface wireframe, points, surface + wireframe) changes the display of surface between triangle planes, triangle wireframes, points or triangle planes with wireframes,
  •  Camera projection – parallel, perspective,
  •  Capture window – creates a screenshot of workspace in full HD or 4K quality with background or without it,
  •  Background color – sets the specific color as a dominant or as a gradient between two.

The 3D view also has a very special tool – a cube of orientations that helps to manipulate the camera

Instant Rendering

On the right of the 3D view, its place has “Instant rendering”, which allows the user to instantly see the whole 3D representation of a medical image. It is only a visualisation, not a creation of a 3D model. 

This whole process takes a lot of computer resources, so do turn it off, while it is not being used to keep quality performance better.

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